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Private Wealth Lawyer in Dubai

Davidson & Co stands tall among private health law firms in Dubai because of our experienced lawyers. We are dedicated to offering sophisticated and tailored legal solutions for high-net-worth individuals, families, and their family offices.

We understand that managing and preserving wealth across generations involves complex legal, financial, and personal considerations. The goal of our family office wealth management services is to provide discreet, personalised advice and services that address the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring their legacy and wealth are protected, managed efficiently, and transferred according to their wishes.

We can help you deal with the following legal matters pertaining to private wealth and family office:

Brief Descriptions of Our Private Wealth Management & Family Office Services

Estate Planning and Administration

Davidson & Co assists clients in planning and managing their estates, including drafting wills, setting up trusts, and handling probate processes. They ensure that the client’s assets are distributed according to their wishes while minimising tax implications and potential disputes.

Family Office Advisory

We advise on strategies to protect assets from potential claims and liabilities. This involves structuring asset ownership and using legal tools such as trusts to safeguard wealth against unforeseen circumstances.

Asset Protection

We provide defense for clients facing criminal charges in white-collar cases such as fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, and other financial crimes. Our approach includes a thorough analysis of the case, strategic planning, and aggressive representation in court.

Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

The firm assists clients in structuring their philanthropic activities, including establishing charitable trusts or foundations, ensuring tax-efficient giving, and aligning charitable efforts with broader estate planning goals.

Business Succession Planning

Davidson & Co helps business owners plan for the future transition of their businesses. This service includes structuring buy-sell agreements, preparing the next generation for leadership, and ensuring the business continues smoothly without disruption.

Tax Planning

The firm provides tax planning services to minimise the impact of taxes on wealth accumulation and transfer. This includes advising on local and international tax laws, structuring transactions, and preparing for tax-efficient estate transfers.

International Wealth and Estate Planning

Our team offers specialised services for clients with assets and interests in multiple countries. They provide advice on cross-border estate and tax planning issues, ensuring compliance with international laws and optimising the global structure of their estates.

Dispute Resolution

The firm represents clients in resolving disputes related to wealth management, such as will contests, trust disputes, and issues arising from estate administration.

Why Choose Davidson & Co for Private Wealth & Family Office Legal Services?

Through private wealth management and family office services in Dubai, we are committed to preserving your legacy and ensuring the prosperity of future generations. Our Private Wealth and Family Offices practice area is here to provide you with strategic guidance and expert legal services tailored to the unique complexities of managing significant wealth.

Our team’s commitment to excellence and integrated approach across disciplines ensures that our clients receive comprehensive support in all aspects of private wealth management and family office administration.

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  • Jonathon Davidson
    Founding Partner
  • Rhea Bindra
    Senior Associate

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