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Private Clients: An Untapped Market in Dubai

The legal industry in Dubai is booming and has been experiencing lucrative growth since the past decade. The UAE government also acts as a catalyst and has established regulations that allow unrestricted entry and practice of foreign law firms in the country. This allows law firms to work and compete freely side by side and provide high quality, timely and expert legal service.

However, most of these law firms deal in business matters and serve mostly commercial and industrial entities. The middle-class households and private clients, therefore, remain a widely untapped, unexplored marketplace for legal services in Dubai.

UAE enjoys a unique status in providing access to and affordability of civil legal service across the nation. The gap that exists between the legal needs of middle class households and the number of lawyers and law firms who are able and willing to serve them represents a potential market in the overall legal landscape in UAE. For the growing number of private clients and households seeking legal advice and services, there are not enough legal practitioners who can offer a quality and professional service. Davidson and Co understands this widening gap and has taken positive initiatives to provide a specialist legal service for private clients. The firm has a dedicated private client unit that understands the unique needs of middle-class households who require specialist private client legal advisory service ranging from Wills & Estate planning to family disputes and succession planning. Although Davidson and Co enjoys an excellent reputation in the corporate law practice and serves hundreds of corporate clients in Dubai, it is still catering to a growing middle-class consumer market in Dubai who require specialist services in matters of family governance and other civil law issues.

Limited exposure and knowledge of private clients greatly affects their ability to seek viable solutions in legal matters. Many households and families residing in Dubai and other parts of UAE require bundled or unbundled legal services, but due to their limited knowledge and exposure, they are unable to obtain the kind of quality they are looking for from an attorney or law firm. Most of them are even unsure about their rights and position in the case and are frequently taken advantage of due to their ignorance. In such a scenario, the legal profession must understand and acknowledge the growing demand for legal advice and litigation from private legal customers and clients. There is a market gap for those individuals/families seeking legal help with private concerns and is yet to be addressed by a majority of the legal fraternity in Dubai.

This growing yet under-served market offers great potential for attorneys and legal firms all over the country and Davidson and Co responds to its private patrons with dedication, professionalism, and a highly-personalised service. While specialising in corporate services and international business law practices, Davidson and Co also caters to the private legal consumer in addressing family disputes, dual citizenship, wealth planning and immigration to UAE.