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Lack of Local Market Knowledge Hinders Legal Practice in Dubai

Many foreign and international law firms have setup and established their legal practice in Dubai in order to benefit from a growing demand for corporate legal services in the country. The metropolis has served as a magnet for international business community, and investors from Europe, North America and other nations in the Middle East confidently invest their capital in Dubai’s industrial base and commercial activities. Both local firms and multinationals corporations operating in Dubai require specialist legal services concerning a wide range of business matters, such as corporate acquisitions, business restructuring, dispute resolution and intellectual property rights.

Although there are literally hundreds of law firms actively practicing law and serving the business community, there are a very few truly professional law firms who understand the unique demands and challenges of a corporate client. The law market in UAE lacks a strong regulatory framework and most law firms are neither equipped with the necessary experience nor a strategic approach towards providing quality corporate services. Davidson and Co is an international law firm serving the regional market for more than 50 years. The firm is dedicated to the practice of law and offers a full range service to corporate clients including tax reclaim services, dispute resolution, intellectual property, financial advice and real estate activities.

For most international law firms setting up their legal practice abroad, the major shortcoming is the inability to understand the legal environment of a country and how it affects the local businesses. At the moment, the majority of foreign attorneys, legal consultants and law firms practicing in Dubai work in the capacity of a legal advisor only. Their profession and knowledge is limited and they lack an in-depth familiarity with the regional market. Most of these lawyers are unable to provide a specialised, personalised and professional legal service to the growing demands of the business community as this requires extended stay in the metropolis to fully understand and appreciate the nuances of the regional and national law.

Having had an experience spanning five decades, Davidson and Co is among the few international law firms in Dubai who fully understand and acknowledge the legal challenges of setting up business and working in UAE, and adopts a tailored approach towards addressing the needs and concerns of every client. Dubai is ‘over-lawyered’ but quality legal advice, consultation and practice are still not within the reach of many corporations and businesses operating all over the country. Davidson and Co has modelled its legal practice on both international legal standards as well as sensitivity to local needs and requirements in the matter. The firm’s unique selling point is quality and the professional lawyers and attorneys working for Davidson and Co have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the regional legal environment.