Davidson & Co Establishes Strong Working Relationship with Renowned British Law Firm in Mauritius

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a quite unique legal landscape. This is because it is a hybrid system comprising French Civil Codes and procedure and legislation predominantly influenced by English law.  Increasingly, companies and individuals are choosing to establish themselves in Mauritius, because of the excellent opportunities it offers for investment and trade. There are significant tax incentives for setting up structures in Mauritius in addition to an economic and political stability that is rare in Africa.

Seeking to serve those companies and individuals, Thomas More International (TMI) has offices based in the islands main business community in Ebène, close to the capital city of Port Louis. Philip Tsalikis, Managing Director of TMI, is of the view that Mauritius will continue to become a more influential and powerful platform for business in the years ahead. “The progress of Mauritius over the last twenty years indicates that it will be the main rival to Singapore for conducting business and investment into Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia for the decades ahead. It has substance, it is cost-effective and it will continue to flourish”.

Navigating Mauritius’s legal system is time-consuming and complex, and can involve significant costs and risks for those unfamiliar with the challenges it brings. TMI offers clients an unrivalled understanding of the Mauritian legal, political, and cultural spheres at all levels whilst maintaining the international standard expected of a British-led law firm. As a result, TMI’s clients can be confident that they will receive easily comprehensible, commercially sound, dependable advice and representation, regardless of the law and practice involved.

TMI work in close association with Thomas More Chambers in London, Davidson & Co. in Dubai and a leading Mauritian set of Attorneys to cater to the needs of the international business community on the island.

In relation to the international network of TMI, Jonathon Davidson, Founding Partner at Davidson & Co added, “We are delighted to be working on a number of exciting projects with TMI for our clients with business interests in Indian Ocean and surrounding jurisdictions. The synergy of our close collaboration will only enhance the services provided to our clients.”


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